Module outputs

Importing the nixos-flake flake-parts module will autowire the following flake outputs in your flake:

nixos-flake.libFunctions mkLinuxSystem, mkMacosSystem and mkHomeConfiguration
nixosModules.home-managerHome-manager setup module for NixOS
darwinModules_.home-managerHome-manager setup module for Darwin
packages.updateFlake app to update key flake inputs
packages.activateFlake app to build & activate the system
packages.activate-homeFlake app to build & activate the homeConfigurations for current user

In addition, all of your NixOS/nix-darwin/home-manager modules implicitly receive the following specialArgs:

  • flake@{self, inputs, config} (config is from flake-parts’)
  • rosettaPkgs (if on darwin)

NOTE: The module API is open to change. All feedback welcome.

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