Flake Templates

We provide four templates, depending on your needs:

Available templates

Both platforms

NixOS, nix-darwin, home-manager configuration combined, with common modules.

nix flake init -t github:srid/nixos-flake

NixOS only

NixOS configuration only, with home-manager

nix flake init -t github:srid/nixos-flake#linux

macOS only

nix-darwin configuration only, with home-manager

nix flake init -t github:srid/nixos-flake#macos

Home only

home-manager configuration only (useful if you use other Linux distros or do not have admin access to the machine)

nix flake init -t github:srid/nixos-flake#home

After initializing the template

  • open the generated flake.nix and change the user (from “john”) as well as hostname (from “example1”) to match that of your environment (Run echo $USER and hostname -s to determine the new values). 1
  • Then run nix run .#activate (nix run .#activate-home if you are using the 4th template) to activate the configuration.
If you are on an Intel Mac, change mkARMMacosSystem to mkIntelMacosSystem.
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